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Emily Rinkema

writer of short things


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Includes "probability", longlisted for the Bath Flash Fiction Competition.

Journals and Magazines

It was an honor to have my words published in each one of these amazing publications. I also want to thank the tiny journals that published some of my earliest work--journals that are no longer iin business (not because of my writing...hopefully...).  Please support writers like me by subscribing to literary journals!

Contests & Awards


I'm Emily Rinkema, a writer from a small town in northern Vermont, USA. 

I have been writing stories since I was eleven (I just found my first ever short story--ambitious and full of spelling errors, it told the epic tale of a colony of alien rabbits), and now, in my early 50s, I am finally getting the hang of it...and making fewer spelling errors.

I have recently fallen madly in love with flash fiction, so I imagine that from this moment on, the additions to this page will likely be really short. Feel free to reach out to me at or follow me on X or IG @emilyrinkema 

And buy copies of literary journals whenever you can so that readers and writers like me can keep doing what we love. 

In The Press
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